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David T Smith asked:

We all must have heard “We are what we eat”. If we eat healthy food then surely we will lead a healthy life however failing which we may need to face some ups and downs every now and then besides visiting the doc occasionally. In this article we are going to talk about foods good for healthy colon.

Fiber is undoubtedly the ultimate health food and it is a known fact that it is known to increase intestinal bulk for the following purposes:

Elimination of constipation

Promotion of weight loss by decreasing appetite and improving the absorption

Prevention of colon cancer

Lowering the cholesterol

Helping in the treatment of IBS and diverticulosis

Many people especially in the United States of America including the ones who claim to be on healthy diets fail to achieve the minimum levels of recommended fiber in the diet that has been set to 20 – 35 grams per day for adults. This is why people fall prey to colon cancer, as the staple food to fight against colon cancer is a good fiber diet. That is one of the best foods good for healthy colon.

One of the convenient foods good for healthy colon is a good quality psyllium supplement as it is a source of soluble fiber and found in grains like oats and barley. In fact psyllium has notably higher portions of fiber compared to oat bran.

One of the other foods good for healthy colon Is a good fiber supplement containing herbs which offer insoluble fiber and gently clean the digestive track while promoting quick elimination of the waste in the body. On passing through the system the insoluble fiber cleans the colon’s lining helping dislodging toxins and other dry and old fecal stuff.

Colonix Intestinal Cleanser is simply the most effective, best tasting and safest fiber supplement on the market today!

There are other nutritious foods that are good for a healthy colon. You can consume food such as fresh or frozen vegetables and they are a good way to add supplements to your dietary fiber. They are natural, don’t cost too much and are easily available besides maintaining your body as a whole. What more could you expect?

Usually foods good for healthy colon are void of animal matter so it means being a vegetarian does make sense here. Vegetables and fruits can be really colon friendly and can be processed or even digested by the body with ease.

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