Acai Berry – Good Food Good Health

Did you know that the acai berry has great skin and anti-ageing properties?

Also have you heard of all the great properties packed in the Acai berry that has now been classed as a SuperFood? And the many ways it can benefit you by adding it to your diet.

The little known Acai berry is jam packed with goodness and contains essential fatty acids, amino acids and the highest concentration of anti-oxidants than any other food.

No wonder that the Acai berry – (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) has been titled one of the most powerful and nutritious foods in the world – not bad for a small blue berry.

The Acai berry grows wild and abundantly at the top of the Euterpe Oleracea, a native tree of the Brazilian Amazon and Central American tropical forest in the flood plains.

The only draw back with the Acai berry that I can see is that it is not readily available in most supermarkets. This is wholly due to the fact that the Acai has a very short shelf life and also the period they are harvested in, keeping the price of the fresh berry quite high.

So with the Acai’s popularity increasing as its good health benefits become more widely known, other forms are easily obtainable from reputable health stores and chemists in freeze dried, capsules, tablets, juice and pulp form.

Anti-oxidants are renowned for combating the effects of premature ageing and with the Acai berry’s remarkable concentration, really does help. In fact the berry contains 10 times more anti-oxidants than red grapes and between 10 – 30 times more of the good anthocyanins contained in red wine.

The fatty acid in Acai is very rich in monounsaturated oleic acid and similar to that of olive oil. Oleic acid is beneficial and important for many reasons to the body.

Oleic acid in the Acai helps increase penetration of the cell membrane by omega-3 oils, making the membranes suppler, and together with the cell membrane being more supple aids the efficiency of neurotransmitters, hormones and insulin receptors.

High insulin levels are linked with ageing, as the higher levels of insulin creates an inflammatory state in the body and inflammation causes ageing, so the Acai can help combat this.

Not only is ageing affected by the Acai’s synergy of monounsaturated fats, but its dietary fibre and phytosterols also help to promote good health of the cardiovascular and digestive system.

The Acai also has a near perfect complex of essential amino acids and together with its valuable trace minerals are excellent and vital for proper muscle contraction and regeneration, this slows the effects of damage to the skin that cause the signs of ageing.

What more needs to be said about this fantastic berry, well as the Acai contains phytosterol – (Beta-sitosterol) that inhibits cholesterol absorption, allowing it to be naturally removed with bodily waste instead of being stored as fat, is yet another good health benefit.

So by adding Acai to your diet and eating a varied diet of nutritionally good food for good health is the main stay to keeping your skin supple and looking young, as with a varied diet you can obtain the many vitamins and nutrients needed for your body’s daily fight against ageing.

The acai berry contains a potent pack of goodness to fight not only against the ravages of ageing but many other conditions. So for your body’s whole wellbeing adding Acai to your daily diet can only benefit you.

Acai is the number one good food for good health.

Sandra & Ted

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