Acai Berry, Weight Loss and You

Bobbie Hamilton asked:

Who could believe that a black-purple colored berry could be so powerful? Yet, if you examine the claims made for the Acai Berry, that’s what you see. This small, round berry-like fruit has created a great deal of excitement and hype. It has a large seed that is surrounded by a small amount of pulp. It should be noted that you do not eat the seed. Rather that small amount of pulp is the part of the fruit that is so valuable. It tastes like berries, with a slight aftertaste of chocolate.

The Acai Berry is found on the Acai Palm trees which are only in the rain forests of Brazil. They grow along the banks of the Amazon River. Some are calling the Acai Berry the best and healthiest fruit in the entire world. It is a super-health food that is becoming the berry fruit of choice when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss.

The benefit claims range from physical to psychological, and even include getting better sleep. Specific benefits include lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. There are also claims about prevention of cardiovascular and heart-related problems. In fact there are even claims that breathing problems can be eliminated. In this article I will focus on the value of the Acai Berry in weight loss.

The exciting news is that while the focus of most weight loss supplements and aids is on suppressing hunger, the Acai Berry works in an entirely different way. The Acai Berry doesn’t suppress hunger, but rather actually seems to increase the speed of calorie consumption. That’s right – the speed of your metabolism increases when they are consumed. As a result, you will burn more calories than before just by going about your normal daily activities and routine. While many of us recognize being tired and always seeming fatigued as a part of weight loss, there are some reports associated with Acai Berries noting not only weight loss, but also increased energy.

Acai Berry supplements are available in a wide range of forms. These include capsule and liquids. The good news is that unlike many supplements, the benefits of Acai Berry do not appear to lessen when they have been preserved. Just be sure you obtain only the highest quality products when buying.

To your weight loss success!

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