Acai The Super Food


Today we are bombarded with everyday foods now being labelled ‘superfoods’ which is excellent for our good health, but Acai berries are not on the tip of most people’s tongue and yet are classed as having the highest amount of anti-oxidant properties currently.

Not only this but the Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is also claimed to be one of the most powerful and nutritious food in the world.

The Acai berry grows wild in the tropical forests in Central America and Brazilian Amazon, where it is abundantly found at the top of the native tree Euterpe Oleracea in the flood plains there.

The indigenous people of these areas have long known the many good health benefits of the Acai berry and as a good food have used it to treat and cure many ailments as well as using it as a good health enhancing food.

Acai berries are not found readily in your local supermarket although a few have stocked it, as the berries have a very short shelf life and harvest period, but can be purchased from reputable gourmet stores, chemists and good health food outlets in freeze dried, tablet, capsule, juice or fruit pulp form year round.

Obviously the best form of Acai is the fresh berry but this is very difficult to get hold of and expensive, the freeze dried is the next best thing but the pulp and juice is also excellent but be sure and only purchase 100% pure juice that contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients and preservatives.

By adding any form of Acai berry such as freeze dried Acai –  that is a good food for good health for you and your overall health, can only benefit your well being of body and mind alike with its fantastic amount of anti-oxidants that promote good health of your liver and immune system.

The flavour of the Acai berry is similar to the blueberry yet with a chocolate twist to it – that should suit many people although it can be quite bitter, so if you have a sweet tooth the capsule or tablet form may be better suited to you.

The Acai berry is also packed with fibre, in fact a total of 44% of the fruit mass is actually fibre, so not only does it have the highest anti-oxidant properties it also is one of the richest fruits in fibre as well, another good health benefit for you.

The high concentration of anti-oxidants in Acai berries are great for protecting cells from free radicals – these are then unstable molecules that cause damage in our bodies.

Being a by-product of normal bodily functions, free radicals are constantly being formed with antioxidants destroying them throughout our life span, a constant circle.

The problem with free radicals is that they can accumulate too much when our body’s are exposed to abnormal toxins such as smoking, pesticides, alcohol, pollution, radiation or just being low on anti-oxidants, greatly exceeding the ability the body has to fight then.

These free radicals then attack healthy cells and invade healthy tissues, our health then suffers as a result of this, so keeping a good diet rich in healthy anti-oxidants is key to good health, and the Acai berry is second to none for this.

Let’s hope that with more awareness of this super-food and its powerful properties, the little known Acai berry, whether it is freeze dried Acai or one of the other products forms, it will become a popular fruit to everyone, increasing the anti-oxidants in your every day diet.Take your acai berries today

Sandra & Ted

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