Good Food to Offer Your Baby Turtle

good food
nlwest21 asked:

When taking care of a new turtle the first thing you want to know is how and what to feed them. There is a variety of turtle foods that are available in different sizes and shapes and can be made with different ingredients. You can buy flakes and small pellet foods that are sold specifically for baby turtles.

The most common turtle foods that you can purchase are turtle sticks. These are great for any type of turtles including the babies. Water turtles will most likely need to eat the much larger floating pellets – but again they can be given to most other turtles.

One thing that we urge you never use are dried whole shrimp and bugs. The way that these are sold is very questionable and may not be safe for any turtles and especially the babies. There are shrimp pellets that can be used as treats – but not as a main source of food.

In order for your baby turtle to get all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy you can continue to feed them the sticks, flakes, and pellets. They have been made to contain all of these important and healthy nutrients to keep your baby turtle strong and well cared for. You can feed them cooked eggs and poultry as well as the shells.

If you need a slight substitute in the diet than you should consider fish foods. Many fish food have the same types of ingredients as turtle food. Don’t even waste your time trying to feed your baby turtle fruits and veggies. They won’t eat them. Other foods to stay away from are raw seafood and other raw meats. These contain too much fat and could make them sick with salmonella.

If you have any questions or concerns about what else to feed your baby turtle and where to buy the right turtle food than ask your veterinarian. Your vet will be able to give you all the instructions you need and can answer any questions that you have.

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