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Christine Layug asked:

Others saying that your cooking is good is one of the happiest feeling that we can ever feel. It is the feeling of achievement when someone says that your cooking is the greatest, but cooking is one of the most complicated thing of all.

Some says that being a good cook is inborn or a special talent that only a few can have. Well some of it is true and some are not. To become a great cook, one must have a talent for it but some can be learned which is why cook books has been developed.

But cook books are stationary or static, unlike the magazines. Magazines are more dynamic than a simple cook book. One can learn many tips and guidelines on not just one chef but a wide variety of chefs. As we all know, magazines are used for many things other than entertainment, magazines can also be used as a means of information for a lot of things like fashion, gadgets, trends and food.

Food magazines do not only give some tips on how to cook a good food, but also some trivia on foods. Compared from books, magazines are more entertaining, which is why Food Magazine Philippines has been started.

There are a lot of Food Magazine Philippines here but the most popular among them are the F&B World: The Philippines’ Only Foodservice Food Magazine Philippines and FOOD: The Philippines’ Largest Selling Culinary Food Magazine Philippines.

The F&B World Food Magazine Philippines also know as Food and Beverage Food Magazine Philippines is a trade-oriented publication that covers all aspects of the food service industry. Inserted in each issue of F&B World Food Magazine Philippines is Baking Press, geared more for home-based bakeries and baking enthusiasts.

FOOD: The Philippines’ Largest Selling Culinary Food Magazine Philippines has helped foodies enrich their culinary skills and repertoire with delicious, doable recipes. Through the years, Food: Food Magazine Philippines has evolved into a total culinary magazine, giving readers information on cooking and baking, on dining out, on food in its various angles: food for health, food as destination, food as history.

So if you want to experience that feeling of satisfactory with your cooking, then Food Magazine Philippines can help you with that. For more information about the Food Magazine Philippines then visit

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