Good Health in a Bad Economy

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Lynn Rose asked:

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This is a very draining and anxious time for many people.  But we can still do things to protect our health that isn’t a major investment.

Skin cancer doesn’t care whether the economy is good or bad, or about your skin color or whether it’s spring, fall, winter, summer.  It just does what it does without any concern about these things.

During difficult times, there are certain things we still need to do … walk the dog, get in the car and do food shopping, taking the kids to school.  And even though these can seem like such short periods of time, time outdoors accumulates.

The FDA recently passed a ruling changing the way sun protection is measured on sunscreen.  They also alerted consumers that sunscreen alone will not protect you.

So what can we do that’s simple, cost-effective, and will give us the protection we need?

Use sunscreen – and apply it often.  It wears off, and there goes the protection. Wear a wide brimmed hat – even better if it’s a UV hat which covers your head, face and neck. Seek shade during hours 10-4.  But what if there is no shade?

UV umbrellas will give you UV protection, and will cut some intensity of the sun.

Use these avenues of protection every day, not just when the sun is shining.  Clouds are no protection from skin cancer. When you do something you know is good for you, you will feel better … even if other areas of life are not so good.

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