How Does the Acai in Monavie Compare to Other Brands on Market?

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Many have asked how our acai juice compares to other acai fruit juices and supplements available. Some competitors note the products they sell contain 100% acai in the form of a juice or supplement. They assert that because their product is “100% acai” and ours is not that somehow theirs is better.


For example, one company online sells acai supplements with 100% pure acai. A serving size of this product is two capsules and contains 1,000 mg or 1 gram of freeze dried acai.  Let’s say for illustration purposes only (as the actual amount is proprietary) that MonaVie contains 25% acai. Does this somehow make MonaVie less potent?  No, because if 1 serving of MonaVie, which is 1 oz. ,contains 25% acai by weight and one serving is equal to 60 grams, then twenty-five percent of sixty grams is 15 grams (or 15,000 mg) of acai in each serving.


You can do the math, but MonaVie’s 25% acai by weight turns into 15 times more acai per serving than their 100% acai at 1 gram per serving and MonaVie guarantees you will be getting much more than 1 gram of acai per serving. The 25% acai by weight in our product is 100% acai – just like the competition – but our product also contains other beneficial ingredients.


Some ask, wouldn’t it be better to buy a 100% acai juice product than a product with only 25% acai? As an example only, if someone tells you they sell a 100% pure acai juice, do not believe them. The acai berry is a very unique fruit. Unlike any other berry, acai is about 90% seed and the remaining portion is pulp and skin. When processing acai berries they turn into a puree at best. You cannot squeeze acai berries to create a 100% acai juice.


Both Original and Active MonaVie juices are 100% juice made up of 19 fruit purees and juices including 100% pure acai. MonaVie mixes its beneficial fruits and juices into one drink, which includes a high quality and the most scientifically studied acai available. The acai used in MonaVie has been the subject of at least three scientific studies and a study on its antioxidant benefits in humans was published in early 2008.   Ask the competition if they have clinical research on their acai product.


The freeze dried acai and puree used in MonaVie are taken from the best quality sources available.  As an example of MonaVie’s uncompromising commitment to quality, the company spends the necessary money for the highest quality acai available. How?  The current buying power of the US Dollar (USD) is low compared to the Brazilian Real (BRL).


Some companies buy lower quality acai berries to save money. These lower quality berries have less pulp meaning fewer flavonoids, lower fatty-acid content, and less nutritional value.  Regardless of cost, MonaVie’s pledge to quality does not allow for the introduction of lower quality acai berries into its products.


MonaVie is intimately involved in the manufacturing process from the harvesting of the acai berry to the finished product. Once picked, processing of the acai berries starts within 24 hours. This ensures the highest nutritional composition of the berries is maintained. Left out for longer periods, the acai berries start to lose their nutritional value.


Other companies may not follow this simple step. The quality and content of the acai used in MonaVie is tested and validated by an independent laboratory before it is approved for use in the MonaVie products. This guarantees when purchasing our product you will receive a high-quality and safe product.


MonaVie’s acai berries are processed using a unique freeze drying procedure and frozen in the form of a puree to maintain its nutritional composition. Both freeze drying and freezing acai berries maintains 100% of their phytonutrient content. Other processing methods, such as air drying and spray drying sometimes used by other companies diminish the phytonutrient content of the acai berry by as much as 55-70%.


Other companies may use a freeze drying process, but the proprietary freeze dried process used by MonaVie and the claims related to its antioxidant and immune benefits are patent pending. This means a patent has been filed to protect the intellectual properties of the unique freeze drying process used and the claims associated with it.


Some have asked to see a copy of the patent application, but we would never provide this information because it would reveal information that is unique to the acai we use. Also, because of our quality specifications and processing methods used, the acai puree and freeze-dried powder have a significantly higher percentage of pulp when compared to other acai sources. The pulp is packed with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. If you like your juices pulp-free, you may be limiting the amount of beneficial nutrients your body needs.


Some companies selling acai juices (these would have to be blended with other juices to truly be a juice) often use a process called clarification. This process strips the acai content of the juice with as much of its nutrient composition, especially the beneficial fatty acids. They do this because fats are generally highly unstable and are difficult to use in juice formulations.


Companies who sell products on the store shelf cannot easily explain why their juice may contain greenish clumps which are perfectly normal in a situation of non-clarification and are actually healthy for you.  Instead of dealing with these issues, they highly process their juice and clarify it, but by doing so they compromise the nutritional quality of their product.


A person may be purchasing a product claiming to be “100% acai juice” from a health food store, but you are not getting the same quality of acai or acai juice when compared to MonaVie. The quality and superiority of MonaVie’s acai juice is next to none!   It is truly the premier acai blend.


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