Innova Dog Food – Should You Use Innova Dog Food for Your Pet?

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Alexander Stern asked:

Innova remains the holistic food pet parents can trust. Throughout the years, as new supplements and artificial chemicals have been introduced to the pet food market, Natura has stuck to its tradition of producing Innova dog food using only natural ingredients. It might not save pet parents money, but in the end, it’s your pet’s health that matters.

Each of Innova pet products combines ingredients from all five food groups to ensure a truly holistic meal. Ingredients like protein-rich chicken, turkey and beef, calcium-packed cottage cheese, and wholesome fruits, vegetables and grains – all providing the essential vitamins and minerals your pet’s lifestyle demands. Plus, essential fats and oils are added to improve your pet’s skin and coat while reducing allergies and improving his immune system

Here are three opinions from Innova dog food users:

Innova is a very good pet food. You need to mix the old food with the new food at first so your dogs digestive system can adjust to the change. See if Innova has a large breed puppy food. The food chunks will be larger and more appropriate for a lab.

Innova is an excellent food. I feed Canidae, mostly because it is for all life stages, puppy through adult. You could put a 9 month old on adult food and he will be fine. Just remember whatever food you feed him to cut back as he becomes an adult. He’s not growing as fast and does not need all those calories. Otherwise you’ll have a chubby lab!

Make sure you switch over gradually to any new food. Mix in the new food 25% for a few days, then 50% new, then 75% new food and then 100% . Usually it takes a week or so to transition.

Innova is a very good food, so i’d give it to Canidae, and maybe others; however, there are good foods out there that might be just as good or even better for your particular dog. Check on the Internet under good dog food for Labs. You can purchase good food at specialty pet food stores. When you switch, do it gradually by starting with 1/4 of the new food to 3/4 of the old food. If she does well and doesn’t have any loose bowels or upset stomach, you can increase it to 1/2 and 1/2, gradually, after a few days switch to the new food.

As a conclusion, Innova Dog Food products deserve its name as one of the best quality natural dog food labels for the caring dog owners. View more reviews and opinions by following the links below.

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