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One of the most important things we all have to do is to keep our cholesterol levels down and Policosanol is a highly recommended natural supplement that can help with this.

We should all try to eat a varied diet of nutritional good food for good health to naturally help keep cholesterol levels in check, but sometimes with our fast paced lives this gets overlooked and a little help is needed.

Firstly because of its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol in a natural way, lack of side effects and of course safety. Policosanol is an extraction from sugar cane and has been shown to lower LDL – low density lipoprotein – (the bad cholesterol) naturally.

Policosanol has also been shown to increase HDL – high density lipoprotein – (good cholesterol) while lowering triglyceride levels.

It can be devastating to find that you have high cholesterol. There must be a better way to lower your cholesterol, rather than turning to high doses of drugs!

Before looking at the natural ways to reduce cholesterol you must first understand exactly why reducing cholesterol is so important.

Firstly, when your cholesterol level is lowered you greatly reduce your overall risk of having serious cardiovascular conditions, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Also, lowering cholesterol reduces the formation of new plaque in your arteries as well as reducing the existing plaque you have.

Finally, the plaque build up in your arteries is in danger of rupturing causing serious problems but by lowering the overall cholesterol level helps prevent this complication.

The first thing to do to naturally improve your health by lowering cholesterol is to reduce the amount of calories that are in your diet from fat.  Eating a diet of good food for good health allows your body to receive all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to keep cholesterol level in check, encouraging a flourishing digestive system for whole body well being.

Avoid over eating any form of food as your body turns unneeded food into fat that in turn raises your cholesterol rate, this fat is then stored and adds to weigh gain.

There are several holistic medications or herbal remedies you can take to lower the level of the “bad” LDL cholesterol in your body, but Policosanol is the number one herbal lowering cholesterol remedy.

Garlic and fish oil are two natural items you can take to improve your overall heart health. Fish oil contains helpful fats that lower cholesterol, particularly in women and also help prevent blood clots.

Exercise is the main key to overall heart health. While it may not have a direct correlation to cholesterol, exercise does help keep the body from building up too much fat which will eventually lower the level of LDL in your blood stream.

Studies seem to indicate that those who are smokers and quit the habit also see a lowered risk of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the beginning stage of atherosclerosis where lipid [cholesterol] plaques build within the structure of arteries. The build up of this plaque narrows the vessel wall thereby limiting the flow of blood. The slower speed of blood flowing through the arteries helps lay down more plaque as well.

Help lower your cholesterol naturally by increasing your daily exercise. Exercise requires energy and energy comes from sugars, fats and proteins. When the sugars and proteins are burned, fats must be converted into useable forms of energy.

The liver steps up by making good cholesterol – HDL- which goes around and picks up bad cholesterol – LDL converting this into useable energy, by exercising your energy requirements increase thereby lowering cholesterol naturally.

Fruits and vegetables contain good amounts of soluble fibre, pectin and gums that actually binds to cholesterol removing it from your body. Ensuring you eat your five-a-day is a great way to increase your intake.

Limit your intake of animal fat foods as even Stedman’s Medical Dictionary said cholesterol is the most abundant steroid in animal tissues.

Policosanol is sugar wax that has been found to be a safe herbal supplement without the side effects of statin drugs. It does not turn off the cholesterol forming reaction as strongly as statin drugs.

Cholesterol is a waxy white substance found in blood plasma, our bodies do need a certain amount of cholesterol to be formed as it is essential to life especially HDL the good cholesterol. Policosanol has also been shown to increase the levels of this whereas statins do not.

One of the downsides of the Statin drug is that if a drug is lowering cholesterol without you doing anything why not keep chomping on fatty foods?  Yes Statin drugs limit the production of cholesterol but they do not limit the intake of cholesterol, this is where everyone needs to be re-educated on the good food for good health principles.

Also statin drugs seriously limit the production of the Coenzyme Q10, so if you are on statin drugs take CoQ10. Statin drugs are also believed to limit the conversion of active Vitamin D so increasing this is helpful.

So if you want to lower cholesterol naturally these healthy steps will no doubt help you, eating healthy alternatives when you need a quick fix instead of calorie loaded fast foods full of harmful sugars and fats will make a big difference.

Do not stop your statin drugs without consulting with your doctor.

So don’t forget that eating a varied diet of nutritional good food for good health benefits your whole well being of body and mind alike.

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