Thai Food For Health

Natural health is about self discipline and responsibility for a better life. And with nutritional supplements, you will be able to achieve this level of healthy comfortable living .

It just takes that first step. A Thai Food balanced diet is a Topic I really enjoy telling people about fighting diet problems, weight control, heath in general, even allergy conditions like me. I will touch on this latter.

There are many products available in the field of natural health . Pick up a book, surf online, educate yourself about the right foods for your health. I did, and cut my stress level by 50%; reduced my blood pressure down to 120/70, when under stress it was 150/95.

Not bad for middle age. Natural health is about finding ways to be healthy. With natural health nutrition, like say, Thai Food , you get the extra benefit of giving your body all the best there is from nature, which is a great feeling, and reward when you experience the difference, and ask yourself, how come I did not do this along time ago. What an energy booster indeed.

You will also find good nutrition leads to good health. I would get the typical once a year cold, like most people. Now I might get a cold, over 2 year periods . That should say something for good healthy nutrition. I do not believe there is a magic pill or fix all solution, but this certainly made a great change for me, and established a constant platform for my overall health.

You will experience the new you and will be proud of the achievements you will have from taking care of yourself. Now, no promises, but my weight is stable at 180lbs, exactly the same as when I was 18 years, when body building. I was usually around 200lbs., under hi stress working conditions. I am not outlining a diet plan, in fact the things I am mentioning worked for me regarding health overall.

The drop in weight actually happened as a result of better eating habits, an adjustment to things that helped, like the natural supplements, and Thai food in general, and reduction in obvious things that do not help. I knew with a stressful job, lots of traveling, something had to be adjusted, or shifted a bit. I even cut coffee down to 2 cups a day, I did not need 6, come on that is crazy, what was I thinking ?

So one noticeable thing I really enjoy, is the boost in energy for my age. It did take more than that, and I am going to give you a super important tip. Like anything, take small steps, and you will meet your goals. So here is the super tip that worked for me; simply get off the Dairy Products.

I have traveled to so many countries; with all types of foods, and certainly the western foods are spreading everywhere. So from experience alone, think about my tips to you.

Tip number two, not only do I use natural supplements for many reasons, here is a tip that really jump started me : go try Thai food, at a local restaurant.

This is an experience that will jump start your health in general. The reason I say Thai food, is simply there are so many types, you will find something you like, that is why Thai restaurants are so popular everywhere, world wide. And they have unique spices, and sauces that seem to please many people, offering new flavors, less saturated fats.

I did move to Thailand, so an expert in the foods section, and I have tried them all country wide. Believe me, you may have heard, how spicy Thai Food is, but actually there are in fact so many things to choose from, you will find something healthy, natural, and satisfying in all aspects.

That was tip no two, go out and try it, you will be surprised. Typically you will not find cheese in Asian dishes, however you may find coconut, or sweet milk, and similar things to sort out when you order food.

A third , but important tip, something I do every morning, and what an energy booster, I drink 12 oz. of grape juice per day. It beats coffee, but I still like my morning cup, but the juice really gives me a morning boost in my diet. Ok, that is tip no. three, simply try different things that work for you, that you enjoy, and watch out for the pizzas. Cutback on cheese, milk, ice cream. Select your food in moderate quantities.

I hope you found this as valuable information, based on my own personal experiences. Being middle age, time and health become more sensitive in life, and if you are truly out to improve you health, just take a few tips for starters. A slight shift in your nutrition can really improve your overall health. Get started today, its never to late!

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