The Amazing Healing Power of the Acai Berry

Joan Masterson asked:

Did you know? Biologically, there are two ways for every cell in your body to die. There is a good way and a bad way. The good way is called: Apoptosis and the bad way is called Necrosis.

Apoptosis is the way you want it to happen. Apoptosis is the process whereby an ageing cell signals a white blood cell to come and destroy it thoroughly. The result of this is that there is no left over part of the cell that can do damage to other cells.

Necrosis on the other hand is when the dying off of a cell happens unassisted by a white blood cell. The cell breaks off and becomes a free radical. The electrons from this dying cell fall off into other cells creating havoc and causing everything we know as aging, including non-genetic diseases.

Antioxidants and its affect on aging

The result is that the body ages, cancer can develop, hear disases, arthritis, tumours, high blood pressure etc. So theoretically if you stop the process from taking place in your body then you stop the aging process. The only defences we have had so far against necrosis are the antioxidants that appear in nature. These antioxidants are natural compounds that soak up the extra cell parts or free radicals left over from Necrosis, resulting in slower aging and less illness. These antioxidants however have up to now been found only in small concentrations in most foods until the discovery of the Acai Berry.

The first Acai Berry tests

Dr Alexander Shauss, one of the worlds foremost Nutrition Scientists drinks several servings of Acai juice on a daily basis. Dr Alexander Shauss was the first person to run ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) assay on Acai and he was so surprised by the results that he asked a few other well known nutritional scientists to do tests on properties of this the berry. The tests found that the Acai berry was the most concentrated source of antioxidants by far!

Are all Acai Berry Products made equal?

Unfortunately the Acai berry is also very fragile, and once picked, it rapidly loses its antioxidant qualities in as little as 24 hours after having been picked, which makes it extremely difficult to find it in fresh form any place other than the Amazon. This has given rise to many fraudsters trying to sell people a product that was not the real thing and therefore would not have the same extreme qualities of the real Acai Berry.

The Acai Berry and Cancer

Since the discovery of the Acai Berry was not too long ago, there have not been too many trials done on it yet. However, a group of scientists at the University of Florida did some tests on it by putting some Acai Berry extracts into a petri dish that was filled with leukemia cancer cells.

The extract from the berry triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86% of the cancer cells. More studies are being done at the moment and it has already been said that a possible cure for cancer with Acai Berry looks very promising. If the berry extract could stop the necrosis, it would be able to prevent and destroy cancer.

This is just one of the many studies that are going on at the moment. In the future there could be possible cures for heart disease by preventing necrosis of the heart cells with the Acai Berry extract, and it could possibly also prevent and destroy Alzheimers Disease.

Acai Berry consumption prevents bad cholesterol

However, antioxidants are not the only amazing property of the Acai Berry. It contains plant sterols that can keep cholesterol from being digested which is good news for high cholesterol sufferers. The list goes on and on. The berry’s low glycemic index improves glucose and lipid levels which again, stops necrosis, and prevents and destroys diabetes.

Acai helps restore stomach health and repair ulcers

The berry is also high in fiber, which aids in digestion while allowing the antioxidants to heal the digestive tract. Ulcers which are caused by bacteria can be prevented and destroyed. The antibacterial properties of the berry destroys bacterial infection and rebuild the intestines with its antioxidant properties.

Acai consumption relieves Astma

It even offers relief to Astma sufferers with the high vitamin c content that is present in the berry, resulting in fewer asthma attacks.

Acai Berry products can keep you young

Even aging can be slowed down by eating high amounts of this berry as the high content of antioxidants will result in preventing necrosis in the body. Almost all non-genetic diseases can be prevented or cured by the use of the Acai Berry. It helps to greatly boost the immune system and thereby preventing possible diseases from taking hold in the body. This is only made possible by the super concentration of antioxidants found in the Acai Berry.

In the Amazon Forest of Brazil where the natives are eating 3 servings a day of this berry, they look very young and they have none of the health problems that plague that average human being. No cancer, no heart disease, no strokes, even wrinkles appear less! Dr Shaus is by no means the only doctor that highly endorses the use of the Acai Berry, there are many other doctors that realise its potential to heal disease.

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