Useful Tips on Identifying and Buying Genuine Acai Berry Juice

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Google the question ‘where to buy acai berry’ and you are sure to be overwhelmed by the number of sites that sell a variety of acai products – capsules, powder and drinks. Whether you would like to try acai berry as a detoxifying product, a nutritional supplement or as alternative medicine, there is an acai product for every need. This purple-colored, energy-packed berry has a combined flavor of chocolate and berries. However, as acai berries do not remain fresh for long, you get only the processed, fruit pulp anywhere outside Brazil.

If you live in a metro or any major city, you may not have to worry much about where to buy acai berry. While your local supermarket may not feature any acai product, you may easily find acai juice or acai fruit pulp in most health and gourmet stores. Health stores may also stock acai in an unsweetened, pulp form. In addition, the pulp and juice are widely used in sodas, ice-creams, juice blends and smoothies.

Most often, your search regarding where to buy acai berry would end at a health store. When purchasing acai juice from a health store, you can easily learn to identify the real stuff. Acai juice of good quality will appear like a cloudy version of purple, grape juice. In addition, the juice may also feature an oily shine on top due to the presence of essential fatty acids. If the acai juice meets the above-mentioned properties, you can be rest assured about its quality and nutritional benefits.

If you plan to purchase acai online, there are hundreds of sites and products to choose from. Once you have received a number of links on where to buy acai berry juice, it is important to make sure that the stuff you are being offered is absolutely genuine. Never trust sites that claim to sell real acai products at ridiculously cheap rates. It is also best to avoid acai juice blended with other juices. Once you have original acai juice, you can easily blend it yourself!

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