What Do you Do for your Health?

How many of you ever have thought about this: What do I do for my health? –Why, I’m not sick. Do I have

to do anything? Can I do anything about my health?

Maybe these questions are not related to you, but you will be surprised how many people never care

about this.

Most people start thinking about their health when it’s almost gone. The problem is that we’ve been

brainwashed from our childhood that only thing we can do is treat what ever disease we have. So eat

well (meaning, tasty food), drink (what ever you want), and be merry while you still have your health.

Because after you loose it, all these things won’t be available for you. So many young people are

living by these rules. Thinking I have to seize the moment, before I get sick.

And this attitude, this philosophy is responsible for many diseases and early deaths.

Most people don’t realize that there are preventive methods which won’t be a hindrance for good food or

a happy fulfilling life. In fact, really good, tasty food is usually unprocessed real food, as apposed

to junk food. But preventive issues are not in the food itself, but in what is missing in most food we

consume today.

So, what we can do to prevent many diseases and illnesses, and prolong our life expectancy is beyond

what our parents had? It’s all comes down to our diet. I use this word loosely. By diet I mean

nutrition supplements we all need. We can eat almost anything if our food contains minerals and

vitamins in optimal amounts. But the truth is our food today is deficient in almost all of the required

minerals and vitamins. With today’s methods of growing vegetables and grains and other agriculture

products we are not getting all necessary nutrients we’re supposed to get. And that’s why we have so

many diseases.

Almost all major diseases we have in today’s society could be traced to deficiency of minerals and

vitamins. And if we would only take them daily most of diseases would disappear. And this is not what

your doctor wants you to know. You see, he is benefiting from your sickness. He wants to see you in his

office often. And drug companies, like drug dealers, want you to be hooked on those drugs, because this

is how they get their profits. But you don’t have to be sick, and you don’t have to contribute to their


Just take the necessary nutrients and you’ll have a long, healthy and happy life.

Many people think that good supplements cost a lot of money and don’t consider taking them. But think

about this as a cheap health insurance. It is wise to invest in your health about buck a day, because

if you won’t, you will invest in lives of doctors and drug companies. So, my advice is find good

supplements. Take them religiously every day.

And enjoy a good, healthy, long life with out aches and pains.

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