Why Acai Berries Are Called Superfoods

Tom Kranz asked:

Acai has one of the best nutritional values of any fruit, which is why acai berries are called superfoods. For centuries, acai berries were unheard of as a healing fruit beyond the South American rainforest where this incredible berry grows naturally.

The acai berry plant can be seen growing wild above the local palm trees in the South American jungle. Rows of acai palms are cultivated in government projects where the nurseries produce millions of plants each year. Workers, who harvest the acai berries, then blend them to create a healthy fruit pulp. Until a decade ago, private landowners were allowed to deforest half of their land. Now legislation has amended the figure to twenty percent.

One of the many reasons why acai berries are called superfoods is they are a flavorful source of many important nutritious ingredients. The acai berry is an abundant source of compounds called anthocyanins. These anthocyanins are the same nutrients, which give red wine its reputation for being beneficial to your health. Acai berries contain even higher concentration levels of anthocyanin than wine but without the health risks associated with drinking alcoholic beverages.

In this day of pesticides, chemicals, and other environmental toxins, we need valuable antioxidants contained in superfood acai berries on our side. You have probably heard about the benefits of red wine against premature aging, but the natural occurrence of anthocyanins in acai berries is twenty times the rate found in red wine.

At the top of the list of why acai berries are called superfoods is its unique ability to counteract the negative signs of aging. It is agreed on by experts that this anti-aging property is attributed to elevated levels of anthocyanins as well as the antioxidant vitamin mixture discovered inside the healthful fruit.

Due to the high level of anthocyanins in the acai berries, it has been shown to reduce the development of vascular and heart disease. This level of anthocyanins also helps to improve circulation, prevent blood clots, prevent arthrosclerosis, and relax blood vessels.

The acai berry is also an enriched mix of protein, which helps your muscles recover after overexertion. The berries provide dietary fiber to help your body process food, another good reason why acai berries are called superfoods.

The acai berry also promotes a healthy heart. Acai berries contain a high level of omega fatty acids, thought to have a protective effect on the heart and its ability to pump oxygen through the body. Fatty acids contained inside the superfood acai berry has shown to aid lowering levels of cholesterol in the blood.

As the reputation of this superfood fruit continues to grow, its availability is on the rise. Make a toast to your long and healthy life and discover for yourself why acai berries are called superfoods. What other keys to preventing and curing the world’s diseases could the rainforest be holding? Before the earth’s jungles vanish altogether, we need to learn how to contribute to their survival and in turn our own. The acai berry is truly one of nature’s most healing superfoods, and a worthy addition to any healthy diet plan.

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